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Start to Finish

wedding-venuesThis package was created for the couples that just don’t have the time and need a little direction. Suore will assist you with your entire planning process from start to finish, we will be there to answer all of your questions, and take all the stress away. This includes everything from selecting your wedding site, to negotiating with vendors. Upon request we attend dress selections and fittings, coordinate the bride & grooms meetings and agendas, and keep the process on a precise timeline. All details will be covered; we create specific timelines for the bride, groom, bridal party, and family. Your coordinator will run your rehearsal, assist with outside activities, confirm and execute any and all décor (including the day of), complete seating chart, marriage license, sending invitations, and many more little details. Suore ensures the weeks leading up to your wedding we will eliminate all necessary tasks and allow the bride, groom, and family to really take each and every amazing moment in.

It’s all about Detail

With this package, Suore meets you half way. This package is for the couples that have no problems completing the big tasks and just need help or don’t have the time for the little ones. Six months prior to your wedding, Suore will start assisting you with everything you need. We confirm guest list, seating chart, décor, invitations, and start producing all necessary stationary for the big day. With the bride and groom, we complete any remaining tasks and get ready for the weeks leading up to the wedding. Just like our other packages the week prior to the wedding we confirm orders with all vendors and site reservations. Run rehearsal, organize bridal party with timelines, and confirm all wedding day details. We make sure the bride, groom, and family can relax and enjoy the day.

The Finishing Touch

Wedding_Kiss.187184045This package ensures all the final details and tasks are completed prior to your wedding day. Suore will start assisting you two month prior to your wedding. You will brief us on all the reservations, vendor information, and décor you have chosen for your wedding. The week prior to your wedding we will confirm with all the vendors hired for your big day. We confirm deliveries, timelines, orders, and arrange final payment so you don’t need to be disturbed. Suore makes sure the entire bridal party is prepared by running rehearsal with the bride and grooms officiant. We confirm you have everything necessary for your big day and if not, do all we can to make it happen. The day of your wedding just like the other packages we are at your service, anything you need. Suore is dedicated to recreating your day exactly how you imagined. We are here to execute your ideas and take all the stress off you.

Final Destination

Whether in another state or country, Suore will create the wedding of your dreams! From travel itineraries to menu selection, we are there through the entire process. The destination package is customized for each client, based on what is required from your coordinator.

Hourly Rate

Hourly rate is an option upon request, for those that just need assistance with specific tasks.

Travel Expenses

All travel expenses [Air Travel, Fuel, & Lodging] will be reimbursed by the client as a separate expense. (No lodging required for NW Indiana or Chicago Events)

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